To Japan! Wifi router rental launched!

≪Terminal Function≫
SOftbankCompany 501HW
Size  104×60×18.3mm 
Weight  150g
Power  8-10 hours
Users  6-8 persons
Speed  187.5Mbps(SoftBank 4G LTE)

≪Price included in the period of stay in Japan, including loss/damage insurance fee ≫
01 to 10 days  USD7/per day
11 to 20 days  USD5/per day
21 to 30 days  USD4/per day

≪Terms & Conditions≫
★ Yangon branch office hours
  9: 00 ~ 17: 00 on weekdays
  9: 00 ~ 13: 00 on Saturdays (Closed on Sundays and public holidays).
★ No Delivery/ Collection outside business hours!
★ In case of returning earlier than planned, No refund of the difference.
★ Please return within 3 days after use (excluding Sundays and public holidays).
★ If the return date is delayed, we will charge USD 7 per day.
★ Reservation is required as limited routers available.

≪For inquiries≫
★ Email:
★ Viber:  09-422996935

Contact Us

For inquires please contact via this inqury form.