JR Pass,Can buy for H.I.S.!

JR JAPAN RAIL PASS is a rail pass for foreign travelers visiting Japan. It covers nearly the entire line of JR line,you can travel safely and comfortably in Japan safely throughout Japan. . You can also purchase it for thoseliving abroad. For details, please see the conditions of purchase below. Also,since it can’t be purchased in Japan, please purchase before Myanmar departure.

The price
TypeGreen Car Ordinary Car 
ClassificationAdults (12 years & Above)Children (6-11 years)Adults (12 years & Above)Children (6-11 years)
7 days378 USD189 USD283 USD142 USD
14 days611 USD306 USD451 USD225 USD
21 days795 USD 398 USD576 USD288 USD
Eligibility of RAIL PASS Japan Rail Pass is a special project ticket, which can be bought only by those who visit Japan from countries other than Japan for sightseeing purposes. When purchasing and using, it is required that one of the following two qualifications is satisfied.

1. Foreign travelers visiting Japan for sightseeing purposes due to entry permission of “short-term stay” from outside Japan
Depending on the status of residence of “short-term stay” specified by the Immigration Control Act of Japan, you can stay for 15 days or 90 days for sightseeing etc. In case of staying for sightseeing purposes upon arrival in Japan Immigration inspectors will stamp “short-term stay” on passport.JAPAN RAIL PASS can only be used by those who received this stamp on your passport.
※When using the automated gate, stamp / seal is not pressed on passport, so please use manned automated gate or offer stamp / sticker to staff.

2. If you live in a foreign country with Japanese nationality
a. If you have permanent residency in that country
b. When you are married to a foreigner residing outside Japan
Remarks: Please present the following documents along with your Japanese passport at the time of purchase of the exchange certificate and Japan Rail Pass exchange.

In the case of a, proof of the following two documents
・ Permanent residency※
・ The person him(her)self lives outside Japan

In the case of b, documents certifying the following three
・ Being married to a foreigner
・ The person him(her)self lives outside Japan
・ The spouse (foreigner) lives outside Japan
Suitable range of rail pass The Japan Rail Pass can be used with the railway, bus and ferry listed in the table below.

All JR Group lines – Shinkansen/Bullet train (excluding “Nozomi” · “Mizuho” issue (including free seats)), limited express trains, express trains, express trains, ordinary trains and BRT (some trains can not be used) ※Tokyo Monorail can also be used.
※Blue Forest Railroad (Aomori – Hachinohe) (However, it is limited to passing through between Hachinohe and Aomori, between Aomori and Noheji and between Hachinohe and Noheji using ordinary · Rapid trains. Except for Aomori, Noheji and Hachinohe, it is not covered when you get off at another station on the blue forest railroad line in that section. )
※IR Ishikawa Railway (Kanazawa – Tsubata) (However, it is limited to passing between these two stations by using an ordinary · limited express train.) Except for Kanazawa · Tsubata, excluding this section, or over the section, the IR Ishikawa Railway It is not covered when getting off at another station.) ※Ai no kaze Toyama railway (Toyama – Takaoka) (However, it is limited to passing between these two stations by using an ordinary train.) Except for Toyama and Takaoka, this section or the wind toyama railway crossing the section It is not covered when getting off at another station.)

Each local line of the JR Bus Company (Except for some local lines, the available lines can be changed.)
(JR bus company = JR Hokkaido bus, JR bus Tohoku, JR bus Kanto, JR Tokai bus, West Japan JR bus, Chugoku JR bus, JR Shikoku bus, JR Kyushu bus)
※The express bus route section of each JR bus company, you can’t use.

JR West Japan Miyajima Ferry [Miyajima – Miyajimaguchi]
※JR Kyushu Express Cruiser Hakata – Busan (Korea) Jetfoil can‘t be used.
Rail pass expiration date The validity period of the Japan Rail Pass is continuous for 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days from the date of starting use of the pass. Please exchange with Japan Rail Pass within 3 months from the day you purchase the exchange. After that, the exchange certificate will be invalid. Please decide the date to start using pass when you exchange. You can choose your favorite day within 1 month from the day you receive the pass. It is not possible to change the use start date stated on the pass once. Before redeeming the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Certificate, if it is within one year from the issue date, you can refund after deduct for the prescribed fee.

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≪Price included in the period of stay in Japan, including loss/damage insurance fee ≫
01 to 10 days  USD7/per day ⇒USD6/per day
11 to 20 days  USD5/per day ⇒USD4/per day
21 to 30 days  USD4/per day ⇒USD3/per day

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