Myanmar currency situation


For the customer who is traveling to Myanmar (especially the first time), trouble has occurred in exchange for local currency (kyat). Please read the imformation as bellow.


Myanmar Currency will not be exchange in abroad.
We can not exchange money before we enter Myanmar. Please prepare the new bill USD (high bill) etc in advance.
Credit card by caching is possible (airports, shopping mall), there is an upper limit to the amount of money that can be cached at one time. (As a fee, a fee will be incurred each time.)

For Exchange possible currency

US dollar, Singapore dollar, Japanese Yen, Malaysia Ringgit, Euro new tags (Thai baht is also partially acceptable)50 USD, 100 USD etc. Please bring higher notes is prefers.
If it is not a new bill sometime you cannot exchange or rate is lower.

Local payment currency

Payment will be local currency (kyat). US dollar can’t be used except some shops.
When visiting Yangon branch and booking for tour etc., payment will be USD or Kyats. (VISA, MASTER, JCB credit cards are also available.)