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Connect over 100 countries with AIR SIM

[ Now Available at our H.I.S. Yangon Branch]

Q: What is Air Sim?

A: Air Sim is a kind of Sim Card using with an internet across 100 countries which is produced from Hong Kong.It is able to connect the network over 100 countries directly.

Q ;How to use it?

A :To use this Air Sim Card
-Download Air Sim Roam App
-Paid with your credit card for the data you used.
-Once Sim Card is inserted into your phone and connect with internet ,then
it is ready to use.

Advantages of using Air Sim Cards

a.Travel over 100 countries and connect the people with the Air Sim
b.No need to buy new Sim card in every countries.
c.4G Network Available

Notice:Air Sim will be expired within 1 year if you don’t use it.

App screen

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