H.I.S. Group

Company info

H.I.S. Co., Ltd. is a global travel company based in Japan, established in 1980. We are now in 38th year of operation in travel industry with over 528 branches worldwide, 296 cities in 66 countries. We rapidly obtain the latest travel information from all over the globe through our worldwide network and use it to develop a whole range of travel itineraries, from trips around Japan to overseas travel in countries around the globe.

We are also steadily expanding our businesses in Theme Parks, Hotels, Transportation, Electricity, Telecommunication and Robotic. H.I.S. Group now operates ten hotels worldwide, two theme parks, affordable telecommunication service in Japan, and Biomass power plant.

H.I.S Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to the advancement of world peace and mutual understanding by increasing the knowledge of people around the world through tourism, and thereby overcoming the differences of nationality, race, culture and religion.

H.I.S Corporate Mission

In accordance with the laws of the universe, we contribute to the creative development of humanity and world peace.

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